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Apply for Unemployment Benefits in South Carolina

Understanding how to apply for unemployment online in South Carolina makes the claim filing process smoother for applicants. Unemployed workers wondering, “How can I sign up for unemployment in South Carolina?” after losing a job or experiencing a reduction in work hours can easily complete the online application for unemployment in the state. Personal and previous employment information must be provided on a claim form to determine eligibility for benefits and maximum payment amounts. Eligibility for unemployment can be determined before applying for benefits by analyzing the UI requirements in South Carolina. Choosing where to sign up for unemployment is required for workers who have been employed in more than one state. An unemployment claim form can only be filed in one state. To apply for unemployment benefits in South Carolina after eligibility is determined, a worker should file for an unemployment claim through the South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce (DEW).

Information Needed to Apply for Unemployment in South Carolina

The online application for unemployment in South Carolina requires certain information to be provided in during the initial unemployment application process. Personal and financial information is used to confirm an applicant’s identity, current employment status and eligibility to receive benefits. When learning how to apply for unemployment online, the first step in the process is ensuring this information is on hand before completing an unemployment application.

When a worker needs to file for unemployment insurance benefits, the following personal information must be provided:

  • Full name and address.
  • Social Security Number or alien registration number and appropriate documentation.
  • DD-214 Form for ex-military service members.
  • SF-50 Form or SF-8 Form for previously employed federal workers.

To apply for unemployment, financial information must also be provided in an initial application. Work history information for the past 18 months is needed to verify wage requirements in South Carolina. Contact information for each previous employer must be provided, including the business name, address, phone number and wages received by an applicant. The application for unemployment may also require the start and end dates for each job to be submitted.

Workers who file for an unemployment claim who would like to receive unemployment benefits by direct deposit should include their bank information including routing number and checking or savings account number when filing an initial unemployment claim. Alternatively, workers who apply for unemployment online can choose to receive unemployment insurance benefits on a debit card from DEW. The process of filing an unemployment claim should be completed carefully by each applicant. Providing incomplete, erroneous or false information can result in the denial or delay of benefits and eligibility for unemployment benefits. Withholding information during the unemployment registration process is considered fraud and can result in criminal consequences. Depending on the employment situation of an applicant, extra information and/or documentation may need to be provided to SC DEW.

How Can I Sign Up For Unemployment in South Carolina?

Completing an online application for unemployment is the only way to file for benefits in South Carolina. Supplemental documentation may have to be provided through fax, mail or email, but the initial application should be filled out online. This method is fast and convenient, and applicants should receive a response from the SC DEW within a week of applying. Applicants wondering where to sign up for unemployment if they are eligible for benefits in more than one state should examine the unemployment registration requirements, eligibility standards and benefit amounts in each state of previous employment. Filing for benefits in the state that offers the greatest payment amount is beneficial for the applicant. For example, if an applicant is eligible to receive a greater amount of benefits from California’s Employment Development Department (EDD), they should file for unemployment insurance in California instead of South Carolina. However, the unemployment EDD application may have different requirements than the application for unemployment in South Carolina. Applicants should keep in mind that they cannot sign up for unemployment benefits in more than one state.

To learn more about unemployment applications, unemployed workers can download our national guide to unemployment insurance here.

When to Sign Up for Unemployment Insurance in South Carolina

Because filing for unemployment is a process that may take a few weeks, applicants are encouraged to file for benefits as soon as they lose a job or face a reduction in work hours. Submitting an unemployment claim right away ensures an applicant will receive a determination of benefits as quickly as possible after becoming unemployed or underemployed. When applying for unemployment benefits in South Carolina, a waiting week is required where an applicant will not receive an unemployment payment the week after they become unemployed.

Where to Apply for Unemployment in South Carolina

The online application for unemployment in South Carolina can be reached through the SC DEW UI website. The MyBenefits portal on the website is where an applicant will create an account with a username and password. Applicants may then begin the initial application. When applying for benefits online, all required personal and previous work history information should be included in the application to verify unemployment eligibility. The application will also ask questions about the unemployment status of an applicant, require extra income information to be provided and provide tax-withholding information about unemployment benefits.

Next, the application for unemployment requires the applicant to provide work search information by choosing counties where they will apply for jobs and enter career training information. Last, the application allows direct deposit information to be inputted if the applicant prefers to receive payments through this method. After reviewing the online application for unemployment and confirming acknowledgement information, the application can be submitted through the MyBenefits portal. The applicant may wish to print the initial claim form for their records.

Workers filing for unemployment in South Carolina may be required to submit additional documentation by mail, fax or email. Federal workers and ex-military service members should send the required forms to the SC DEW UI office to complete their initial unemployment insurance benefit application. If an applicant has any issues or questions when filing an initial application, they can contact the Unemployment Benefit TelClaim help line.

After You File an Unemployment Claim in South Carolina

After the online application for unemployment is filed through the online portal, applicants usually receive an initial Monetary Determination in the mail within a week. This determination is not an approval of benefits, but a letter explaining the amount of payment an applicant could be entitled to. To complete the filing process, extra documentation may have to be sent to the SC UI office. A final decision will then be mailed to the applicant explaining if they have been accepted or denied to receive benefits. If an applicant is denied unemployment insurance benefits, they have the right to file an appeal with SC DEW.

After applying for unemployment online, petitioners must file weekly claims to maintain eligibility for unemployment benefits. Applicants must provide proof of searching from employers and register for the work service website. Unemployed workers wondering where to register for unemployment benefits for each week can submit claims online.

Potential applications can learn more about unemployment benefits by downloading our guide to unemployment insurance here.